Services & Capabilities

PCB Fabrication​

Fabricated from the highest grade materials.

Sun EMS is experienced in working with PCB materials, including conventional PCBs, HDI PCBs, flexible PCBs, rigid-flex PCBs, backplane assemblies, and IC substrates.

PCB Design & Engineering​

Sun EMS provides system-level design, printed circuit board design and layout. Our capabilities span the entire life cycle of your board from design to full assembly.

System/Box Build

Sun EMS provides a full range of sub-assembly, box-build, and integration services customized to each individual product.

PCB Assembly

Quick-Turn PCB Assembly Services. End-To-End Printed Circuits Board (PCB) Assembly Services. Fast, reliable, and repeatable PCBA Manufacturing services from Sun EMS maximize quality and reduce cost!

Test & Burn In

Manufacturers need to understand the predictable lifetime of their products to provide a warranty without expecting a significant number of failures.

BGA Rework

Today’s circuit boards are more complex than ever and the need for circuit board repair and rework is a given. BGA rework is one of the most difficult procedures at assembly facilities.

Supply Chain & Logistic

Managing the supply chain is critical to controlling costs and ensuring products are delivered on schedule. Sun EMS experienced procurement, supply chain and logistics teams employ smart sourcing techniques to identify specific sourcing options based on the unique product requirements and cost objectives of each customer.

Electronics Training Center

Training Program Offering

  • Program 1 – Electronics Standard
  • Program 2 – Engineering & Design
  • Program 3 – EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)